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Ma petite maison de campagne

Bijgewerkt op: 29 nov. 2021

I tend to forget much of yesterday Sometimes I wonder whether that was even me Now was it? I wonder if I can ever be defined With my everchanging nature And my continual transformations Perhaps never, will I be fully understood much Quite like Lara, in Tomb Raider Though I believe in ease Pondering to move to a little white mountain hub Ma petite maison de campagne Where I do paint, poetry, and music

And sips And summer breezes Invite our friends, but mostly you The fun we have The things we make And I hope after many years I could honestly say you so very much do see me for who I really am

Bcs you never asked me bugger stuff Never held me responsible, nor spoke false assumptions And thus I never felt a need to run for the hills Perhaps that could be Since it was there where you found me

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